Bridge Radio is a privately owned and Independent Commercial Radio station located in the heart of Asaba, Delta State. The station will be dedicated to serving a specific geographic, linguistic community of shared values and interests, surrounding the lower River Niger. Bridge Radio ultimately seeks to be the voice of the community.
BR is a subsidiary of MessageWise Limited and will offer a platform for promotion of Commercial activities and project Community voices, Values and Interests; and create a platform that will shed light on pressing issues within and around the region. Community empowerment through Participation is a deliberate policy of Bridge Radio. Bridge Radio is also a social development agenda, which operates a transparent sustainability and viability strategy.

Connecting Many Voices!!!

We recognise that diversity and plurality are a key feature of our demographic community, thus there is the imperative to harness and weld these divergent yet unified groups by the power of radio.


Bridge Radio’s Broadcast philosophy seeks to create and promote radio programming that responds to the promotion of commercial, social and community challenges and the issues that concern it most, using Information, Dialogue and Analysis. The station will bring the local people and communities’ needs and concerns to the attention of Local, State, National and International Governments; while fostering and guaranteeing the Interest, cohesion, values, and norms of the diverse communities within the Region.