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1.BRIDGE AT DAWN: This serves as both the name of the morning time belt as well as the name of a segement. The segment is an inspirational talk show. Also included as a sub-element is an element called:

=Today in history: This segment is dedicated to educating people on historical events that took place on that day in the past.

  1. BRIDGE WEATHER: This is an element consisting of weather updates within and around the area.
  2. TODAYS PAPERS: This is an element dedicated to discussing the news derived from the daily newspapers.
  3. ENGAGE WITH GOVERNMENT: This is a political show usually consisting of the presence of a dignitary. Political issues and topics will be discussed at length. It will be more of discussions, also a part of it is interactions with the listeners in form of call in’s and social media platform comments.
  4. SPORTS: This is an element where we discuss everything sports related.
  5. AREA TALK(pidgin news): News of various topics broadcast in pidgin. It will also be interactive.
  6. THE ASSEMBLY SHOW: Although the main topics discussed on this show could be politics, it will not be limited as such, it will also cover other various unrelated topics, depending on the jugement of the individuals hosting, said individuals must be conversant with political issues. It will be more of educative than interactive.
  7. WHAT’S UP: This is an interactive show where listeners get to call in the OAP’s to discuss lightweight issues.


  1. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: The OAP discusses the new news on the entertainment scene. Under this element we have sub-elements such as:

= The Scoop of the day: the most important, shocking or breaking news of the day entertainment or news wise.

  1. HEADLINE NEWS: This is an element where news headlines are read out in brief bits to the listeners in order to inform, as well as create anticipation for the world news later on in the day.
  2. THE WISH LIST: this is an interactive show where the listeners get to request what songs to be played. This gives the listeners the feel of being a part of the show.

12.TALK CAFE: This element will be a talk show with no particular theme. The host is allowed to discuss what ever is desired as long as it is educative, vital and interesting. Guests are allowed to be on the show. It can also be interactive if need be.

  1. BRIDGE HEALTH: this is an element focused on all things health, it could be in the form of a discussion, teaching or conversation. Medical personnels are allowed to come on the show as guests speakers.


  1. IGBO NEWS: this is news on various topics broadcast in the Igbo dialect. Its sources could be the news papers, television stations or from community research. It will also be interactive.
  2. TECH TALK: this element will be devoted to all things technology, educating on the new and old while giving technology related tips.
  3. KITCHEN TIPS: This is an element devoted to all things cooking. Giving kitchen and cooking tips as well as recipes.
  4. LADIE’S DELIGHT: This is an element aimed at all things feminine. Discussing the issues and glory of being born female.
  5. IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: This element will be devoted to educating people on the various Issues and benefits of their community. This is an element where issues in certain communities are brought to light and discussed. The Respective community liaison officers could be a frequent guest on the show to help voice the issues faced by the public on our platform.
  6. 19. MIND YOUR BUSINESS: This element will be dedicated to shinning a light on small business. it will be an avenue for them to discuss and advertise their business. It is also a show where listeners will be given tips and educated on how to best run their business with researched information by a renowned business expert.
  7. 20. Artist Spotlight: This element will cater to a certain artist every week, playing their music and discussing everything regarding the artist in question. This also gives opportunity for the artist to be present in the studio if possible.
  8. 21. Question of the day: This is an element where a controversial or entertaining question is asked by the presenter, this allows for listeners to call in or leave their comments on our social media platforms.
  9. 22. GENERATION NEXT: This element will be devoted to all things youth. It will be interactive, discussing the issues and glory of being a youth.
  10. 23. THE ROAD SHOW: This show will be aimed at all things road safety, a road safety personnel will be present as frequently as possible to answer questions and educate on the rules of the road etc.
  11. 24. THE FASHION LANE: This element is to discuss fashion ideas , advice and tips. It is to be a unisex show.
  12. 25. ALTERNATIVE MUSIC COUNTDOWN CHART: This is a countdown chart dedicated to playing alternative nigerian music in a pre decided order.


  1. RYTHYM AND FLOW: This will be a rap battle and singing competition show. the contestants will battle for prizes provided by Bridge radio or sponsours.
  2. 27. QUITE FRANKLY: This is an element dedicated to serious/Inspiratioal This is going to be predominantly speeches played to inspire the listeners. i.e. Ted talks speeches.
  3. 28. THE US COUNTDOWN SHOW: This is a count down show of the latest in American music.
  4. 29. ODD NEWS: This element will be news in the form of unusual and unorthodox news.
  5. 30. FUNNY BUSINESS: This segment is dedicated to all things comedy. It could be in form of stand up comedians present in the studio or prerecorded, it could also be downloaded audio comedy clips. It could be done as well in the form of a competition between two or more competitors. Comedians for within and around Asaba will be providing content for this element.
  6. 31. THE UK COUNTDOWN CHART SHOW: This is a count down chart of the latest british music in a pre-decided order.
  7. 32. GET YOUR SMART ON: This is a show dedicated to educating and entertaining the audience by way of quizzing. For this segment the participants will either be participating live in the studio with an OAP as a moderator, or pre recorded in the production studio and played live.

33.THE PRANK SHOW: This show will be devoted to pulling pranks and tricks on individuals, it will majorly come in the form of a request by listeners.

  1. THE AFRICAN COUNTDOWN CHART: This is a countdown chart of music from all aspects of the african hemisphere.
  2. RETRO HOUR: This is a segment dedicated to playing old school music.
  3. CELEBRITY Q&A: This segment is going to consist of an interview with a celebrity, either pre-recorded or in the studio live. It could also be interactive with listeners answering questions about specific celebrities in order to win the prize.
  4. LET’S TALK: This ia an eveniing talk show where no topic is off limits. It could involve guests, call in’s are also allowed.
  5. 38. LOCAL CHART SHOW: This is a count down chart of the latest music within and aroud Asaba, but strictly within Delta state the music is arranged in a pre- decided order.
  6. 39. AROUND THE GLOBE: This is a show that will highlight and discuss the various cultures of the world, as well as tourist attractions.
  7. FACT FILES: This show will be dedicated to informing the listeners of important yet, unknown facts.
  8. 41. NIGERIAN COUNTDOWN SHOW: This is a countdown show of all the latest music on the nigerian scene.
  9. THE NEWS SERMON: This is a news segment done in a comical manner with an igbo presenter translating the english news in a comical manner.



  1. 43. DEAR DIARY: This is a show that will serve asm as avenue for listeners to express their feelings. It will be a form of therapy session, With the complainants getting advice from other listeners.
  2. 44. GENTLEMEN’S QUATERS: This show will be devoted to everything male oriented. It will discuss and highlight the issues and conveniences of being male.
  3. 45. PILLOW TALK: This show’s purpose is to discuss adult situations, along with educative tips and advices.
  4. 46. NIGHT TIME BLUES: This is a segment dedicated to old school music, majorly in the blues genre.
  5. 47. FRIDAY MIXES: This is a mix of music from all genres and eras.